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The idea underlying the “EU-LIFE-Project CMA+” is to reduce fine-dust or particulate-matter pollution by applying liquid Calcium-Magnesium-Acetate. This measure is one of the results of precursor project “KAPA GS“, which showed a marked decrease in the fine dust burden in close proximity to roads that had been treated with CMA as a fine-dust bonding agent.
Now efforts focus on optimising this “fine-dust glue”, as it is colloquially referred to, for application both in winter and in summer. In winter, CMA is not only used to bind dust but as a de-icing agent as well. Throughout the year, liquid CMA is used to bind dust on unpaved surfaces (construction sites, dirt roads, etc.)
In the course of the project, an instruction manual on the use of CAM will be compiled for European cities and towns.



Download project video Life-CMA (Zip archive MP4 video format)

Download video CMA-congress Lienz (Zip archive MP4 video format)



Project management


A34     diploma project cost-benefit-analysis




A7       summer report – Bruneck – application on unpaved areas


A10     Manual


Filed measurements


A11     summer report 2009 Klagenfurt – air quality measurement report TU-Graz


A15     Final Summary Report – Restmengen 4 methode


                        Test report




A16     Report Reibverhalten


A20     Road simulator – Report 2009


            Road simulator Final report


Traffic safety


A17     Grip measurements FSZ 2011


            Grip measurements Summary July 2010


            Grip measurements Status Report


A18     Status Report 2011 – accident analyse (KfV)


            KfV Presentation - accident scene investigations


            Status Report 2010 – investigation for traffic safety (KfV)


A19     Haftungsgutachten


Product development


A22     Final Report LCA


            Final Report LCA for CMA Damages


            Final Report LCA for CMA MI and GWP


Public relations


            A33     Congress Bruneck


            Presentation Dr. Hafner


            Programm Congress




            Congress Lienz




            Press report


A35     Layman’s Report

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